Chamrousse – urokliwy ośrodek blisko Grenoble

There are certainly many more perfect resorts than Chamrousse. And yet the Olympic village of the 1968 Olympic Games has something to it. And you can go there at a really good price.

Hundreds of kilometers of routes? A bustling city? Large and spacious apartments? You won't find all this here. Fortunately, the dream winter trip is not about everything being the best. Out of company, of course.

When I first came here, the snow was more or less the waist and it continued to pour. Sausage, baguette, coffee and on the extract. Reaching the highest point Croix de Chamrousse (just 2250 meters above sea level) required only one change and it took us only several dozen minutes. This is how one of the best trips to the Alps that I remember began.

La Croix is the highest point in Chamrousse

Trasy narciarskie w Chamrousse

The terrain resembles our Beskids to some extent. The slopes are covered with trees, and the area is very friendly for beginners - as many as 46 out of 90 km of routes have a blue marking here. This, of course, does not mean that advanced people are bored here.

First of all: freeride!

If you drive off-piste and prefer snow fields to formidable gully or take the first steps in this type of driving, this is the place for you. It's a great place to show your friends why the curtain on the face is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and then come back to the chalet.

The French among us who came from Grenoble 30 km away for rainfall, backflips flew here. We just enjoyed the fresh snow, numerous hops, small faults and unlimited possibilities of exploring the area (well, almost, because we also happened to get to the cliff above the road, but this does not need to be done).

More advanced riders will find here the renowned Sunset Snowpark (selected the best in France a few years ago), as well as demanding options. Backcountry is dominating here, but in the end they are the Alps and something more difficult will also be found. For example, the Lac de Robert region or on the Couloir Casserousse route running between the mountains. By the way, it's a half-wild, one of the most interesting routes in the resort.

We also managed to take a gully from the ridge to the Lac Achard lake. There, we climbed the opposite slope and made the first lines in this place (there was not much snow in Chamrousse this winter).

Second: Olympique Homme!

Chamrousse was the village and arena of the Olympic struggle during the 1968 Games in Grenoble. Two routes are associated with the event - Olympique Homme (men) and Olympique Damme (women).

You see well: in 1968 the Olympic routes ran alongside trees!

Both are very long and worth attention, but in my opinion the first one is the best in the whole resort. As much as 850 meters of elevation and beauty (views!), A wide, winding serpentine route leading to the lowest level in the resort - 1400 meters above sea level. It has a black marking, but it is rather an exaggeration - the route is only quite steep.

Long, wide, empty & #8230; Great! Olympique Homme in all its glory

We will return to the top with a fast, new sofa, and then a gondola going up to the top.

Third: local, family character and views

In Chamrousse it is rather difficult to get lost or not get to the apartment on time. Everything and everyone is in place - you will easily find friends if you go to the slope a few hours later. Instead of dozens of clubs, such as Les2Alpes, there is one - the iconic K DOX. But you can be sure that you will meet friends every evening. And that it's not very big, you don't need much to start a good party.

After all, Chamrousse has that something in it. As a pilot, I met a couple with children who met here while studying in France. They came back years later, also to visit old friends. It is intimidating to see the trails by the setting sun, which paints them in red. Beautifully visible from here lie in the Grenoble valley - with good visibility you can clearly see the buildings and districts of the city.

Po czwarte: atrakcje w Chamrousse

Other advantages include admission to the outdoor heated pool (a few hundred meters from the apartments), the possibility of diving under a frozen lake, dog sled ride or hiking in the Nordic Park area. There, in addition to the long kilometers of prepared jogging routes (it's worth trying!), There are also hiking trails for moving on rockets. These can be rented or bought on site.

I recommend it especially in nice weather. The purple trail leads up to Lac Achard, and demanding people can climb up to the top of Croix de Chamrousse under the right conditions.

Best price

Chamrousse has one more advantage - it is one of the cheapest spots in the Alps. At a really budget price (in September as part of the first minute the whole trip to Chamrousse cost 999 PLN with us!) You can taste everything that the highest mountains in Europe have to offer.

We are going to Chamrousse on February 1 (check trips: And that's great! and And great with the family!) and March 8 (French sun).

And what about the fact that there are only 22 ski lifts, 90 kilometers of routes, and the apartments are not among the largest?

Chamrousse is a station with history

The author of the text is Dominic, SKI pilot & instructor


We're not saying how it is in resorts is the title of our series, thanks to which you will get to know our completely subjective view of the centers on offer. In addition to the fact that we are organizers of trips, we love the Alps, have fun (we do not like to be bored!) And cool, nice places. We have prepared this cycle because we want you to know how it will be in place.

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