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Who to ski and snowboard with?

Our trips are for people of all ages, couples, singles and groups of friends. The whole mass of attractions means that everyone will find something for themselves. A trip to the Alps is a great six days on the best alpine slopes, with the coolest people, at a reasonable price!
The Snowee team is already waiting for you in the Alps, don't delay!

Student ski and snowboard trips

Student ski and snowboard trips are a great opportunity to combine travel, visit new places and meet new people. At SNOWEE, we know this best & #8211; we've been going to the mountains together for years! For student skiing trips we invite everyone who wants to taste the Alpine climate at its best. We guarantee great fun, professional ski and snowboard training and an unforgettable experience. Student trips to the Alps are a good springboard from the university.

Family skiing and snowboarding

Our family trips are the perfect way for an active holiday for the whole family. All-day training for children, evening animations for children, so that parents have some time for themselves and attractions for entire families, such as barbecues, walks or exploring the nearby city. Everything is organized so that both parents, grandparents and children of all ages have time to play, relax and go crazy in the snow.

There is no time for boredom on our family trips!

A group company trip for skiing and snowboarding

Group and company ski and snowboard trips is a proven way to integrate with family, friends or colleagues. Joint skiing on alpine slopes combined with events in mountain clubs will strengthen your bonds and increase employee morale. We provide what business professionals say as: teambuilding. Your employees will not forget that you took them to the Alps. Group ski and snowboard trips it's guaranteed attractions and the power of unforgettable experiences.

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