Les Deux Alpes, Les 2 Alpes lub po prostu L2A

Let's say it straight: you must have a shepherd's condition, a unique liver and an unusual metabolism to combine partying with riding at Les2Alpes. This city does not fall asleep and offers even more during the day. Perfect for advanced party people and rather for experienced riders (but beginners can also do it!)

Miejscowość Les Deux Alpes

Imagine a town whose main aorta is a colorful avenue running in the middle of Avenue de la Muzelle, named after the Roche de la Muzelle (3465 m) above the city. The road stretching for kilometers looks a bit like a Christmas market and a bit like a shopping center, it is surrounded by shops, cafes, more expensive and cheaper restaurants (there is even a kebab), stylish confectioneries, pubs and boutiques. Welcome to L2A, one of the oldest alpine villages in France.

The whole after dark creates such an effect that after something stronger you think that you play in an ad about St. Nicholas. And if you get tired of walking, you'll get free everywhere reindeer ski bus.

Trasy w Les 2 Alpes

In turn, the slopes falling towards the road are ski areas. Smaller, yet uncrowded and easier routes are located in the Valle Blanche area. By the way, it's a really good place to make the first signs or treat the effects of a party. The routes are calm enough for at least a day of driving.

Lodowiec w L2A

Let's get to the bottom: glacier

The real fun begins, however, with Jandri Express, which brings it to the higher parts of the mountains. We are going to the glacier and we will go down from 3568 meters above sea level! Extreme impressions and unearthly views are already provided by a gondola trip, then it is only more interesting.

Eg the downhill black Bellatombes 5 unattractive route is a strong experience. The route has semi-wild nature, flies between mountains and is very steep. Experienced snowboarders or skiers will also appreciate the La Fee region or the return to the city along the black Diable trail. Finally a snowpark: one of the best in the Alps!

Interestingly, in the upper parts of the glacier there are many easy routes, great to learn - it also gives you the chance to ride in beautiful natural conditions and with such views (no riding in the valleys there). However, it should be remembered that after all it is better to return to the town, which, however, requires some skill and strength (of course, you can also use a gondola).

The specificity of L2A is that in the lower parts harder routes predominate, and in the higher ones - easy ones.

La Grave and freeride

There is also La Grave, the Mecca of European freeriders. This is a huge and quite dangerous slope (rocks, ice seracs, cliffs ...) on which there is not a single marked route! People traveling towards the side of the village of La Grave move on oriented towards wild ride in the type of big mountain. Cab travel is extra paid.

To get there from the L2A side, you should go as high as you can. The last episode is driven by ... a snow groomer. Warning! It is worth going with a guide and minimizing the risk of returning by helicopter (true story!)

Other freeride walls in L2A? I recommend the big mountain in the La Fee area and the backcountry in the lower parts - it's even cool in Valee Blanche. We're talking about not too steep snow fields intersected with serpentine, which are good to stand out to embrace the showy 360.

Les2Alpes in France does not fall asleep!

However, L2A is one of those places where you can easily go even without skis or snowboarding. This city is not falling asleep! Well, if you're moving between Le Bresilien and Avalanche, hooking on Smithy's, you realize that you have to get up on the slope in an hour, you do it right!

In L2A you can do everything you hate the British in Krakow for, and with your exploits the stories of the compatriots from the apartments who left La Grave fade away. Checked info.

There is also cultural entertainment

In Grotte de la Glace, the ice cave, you can admire ice sculptures (if you were interested, but your family may already). You can enter the municipal swimming pool and the ice rink for free (you pay for the rental of skates), and even ... take part in the avalanche training that takes place in the simulator.

It is also good to go to nearby Venosc, the hammer furthest from L2A, with beautiful local architecture and such flavors.

And that's certainly not all the entertainment - in L2A you really can't get bored. Minuses? Well, if you are not a party animal, you are looking for rather secluded places and you are tired of the atmosphere in the resorts, this is not the place for you.

Beginners also have to do a little more gymnastics here to ride - although donkey meadows can be found even in the lower parts of the station, and on both sides of the valley.

The author of the text is Dominic, SKI pilot & instructor


We're not saying how it is in resorts is the title of our series, thanks to which you will get to know our completely subjective view of the centers on offer. In addition to the fact that we are organizers of trips, we love the Alps, have fun (we do not like to be bored!) And cool, nice places. We have prepared this cycle because we want you to know how it will be in place.

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