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Who is Snowee for?

In the pictures I see mainly young people. Will I not feel away & #8222; old & #8221 ;? No, or at least we will do everything to make you feel just like one of us. Nobody is too old or too young to go with SNOWEE. SNOWEE is a state of mind. If you love mountains as much as we do, you will definitely feel good.

In addition, people up to the age of 30 constitute some 60% of our clients. Many people will be your age. You will find yourself, easy 🙂

Is Snowee for families?

Will my family feel good when they leave Snowee?

It is our head to make everyone happy. We have dedicated ski and snowboard lessons for the youngest. We will help you put your children on the boards when you use the possibilities of the best winter sports centers in Europe.

And what after skiing?

After skiing we will also take care of them & #8211; animators go to the mountains with us and organize games and games with prizes. Nobody is bored! We also have a grill for families with children and we organize optional trips, e.g. to explore the neighboring town.

Do you organize trips for companies?

Yes! Write to us at info@snowee.pl, we will prepare a trip tailored to your needs.

How do I book a trip?

To book a trip, at least one person from your group must set up a profile in our Reservation Panel. Then in the Reservation Panel in the category TRIPS departures you choose the one that interests you and click book.

Can I save other people from my group for the trip?

To book a trip, at least one person from the group must set up a profile in our Reservation Panel. Then, in the Reservation Panel in the DEPARTURE tab, choose the one that interests you and click book. After making the reservation, the "ADD PERSON" function will appear in the DEPARTURE tab.

Can I go on a trip alone?

Of course! He travels with us a lot of "singles" 🙂 During the booking you choose the option "accomodation to the apartment", and we will make sure that you have cool roommates 🙂

Can I cancel the trip?

If you have not taken out your cancellation insurance, you can opt out in accordance with the Terms of Participation. The amount of deduction depends on the date of resignation. Detailed information can be found here: Terms of Participation


What do the apartments look like?

A detailed description and photos of the apartments can be found in the ACCOMMODATION tab under individual trips on our website. Generally, we operate in a typical Alpine chalet standard & #8211; you will always find an equipped kitchen in the apartment to make yourself dinner. Apartments in the basic variant are generally quite cramped.

Will you accommodate me with my friends / family?

That is why you provide the group code so that we can accommodate you together. If you want to be sure of booking an apartment of a given size, write to rezerwacje@snowee.pl


Can I reserve a specific size of the apartment?

You can, provided that your group is able to fill the entire apartment. If you want to book an apartment of a given size, write to rezerwacje@snowee.pl

Do you have 2-bed apartments?

In most resorts we do not have such apartments, because their price is higher than the surcharge for two free beds in a 4-person apartment.

Can I book a bedroom?

On selected trips we offer the opportunity to purchase a bedroom place warranty. More details can be found in the offer of a given trip.


What does the insurance cover?

All insurance in Snowee includes increased risk sports (skiing and snowboarding). The insurance works from the moment of crossing the border until returning to Poland. Each Snowee insurance includes the KL and Assistance package as well as travel luggage. Some additional Snowee insurances also include liability and extreme sports. Options and sums insured are always described in the offer of a specific trip.

Is insurance sufficient in the event of an accident?

During the 10 years of our work in the Alps, it has not happened that insurance is not enough to cover the costs of treatment. However, it is always worth getting an EHIC card before leaving. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) confirms the right to use the necessary health services at the expense of the National Health Fund during a temporary stay in another EU / EFTA member state.

What is the cancellation insurance?

This is insurance that can be purchased only at the time of booking. The insurer will then cover the travel costs if you do not go, but only in certain cases. More info can be found here: Travel cancellation insurance


Will all my friends go by the same bus?

The seats on the bus are numbered, so if you're coming from the same city, your team will definitely sit together.

Will we sit next to each other on the bus?

Places on the bus are numbered, so your team will definitely sit together.

Is there an option for transport by plane?

On most dates it is possible. Contact us and we will prepare an offer with a trip for you.

What cities do you organize trips from?

Coaches leave without additional payment from cities:
- Warsaw
- Katowice
- Wroclaw
- Poznan
- Opole
- Łódź

Possible transfer from the cities for an extra charge:
- Krakow + PLN 50
- Szczecin + PLN 100
- Gdańsk + PLN 100

Can I reserve a seat on the bus?

Places on the bus are numbered, so your team will definitely sit together. You can send your preferences to info@snowee.pl & #8211; we'll see what we can do.

What luggage can I take with me?

You can take with you to bus events:
- hand luggage: 5kg
- main luggage: 20kg (soft bag preferred)
- one set of equipment (skis / board + poles + boots)

Skis and boards can be packed in covers.

For snowboard equipment, it is best to unscrew the bindings and fasten them together with shoes in a separate bag. You will be sure that they will not break.

If you take a large cover (quiver), the sum of its weight together with your bag cannot exceed 35 kg.

You can increase the main luggage to 30kg (XL luggage) for the price of 100 PLN.

You can buy additional luggage at the price 200 PLN (20kg bag).

You can buy additional equipment for the price of 120 PLN (skiing or snowboarding).

For airplane events, you can find info about luggage in the transport tab.


How to take advantage of discounts?

Detailed information on discounts can be found here: https://www.snowee.pl/klub-snowee/

How can I pay for the trip?

You can pay by traditional bank transfer to our account (detailed payment instructions can be found in the details of your booking in our Reservation Panel. You can also pay via the Tpay payment system (additional payment: PLN 30).

When do I need to deposit money?

An advance payment of PLN 400 is payable within 48 hours of signing up for the trip, the rest up to 30 days before departure.

I was late with the payment. What to do?

If you have received an e-mail that your booking has been canceled, please call our hotline. If your booking is still active, please send us a confirmation of the transfer as soon as possible.

Has my down payment been posted?

You can check it in the Booking Panel. Remember that payments can be entered into the Panel with a slight delay, so if you do not see the payment immediately, easy & #8211; This is not a reason to worry 😉

I gave up the additional option & #8211; When can I expect a refund?

Please make sure you send us an email regarding this matter and receive confirmation. Funds will be returned to your account within 7 days of receiving confirmation.

Can I receive an invoice for the trip?

Of course you can? Just write to us at info@snowee.pl!
Remember that our system issues invoices automatically, so if you want to change the invoice data, you must do it before leaving!


Will I rent equipment on site?

You rent! Not only that, we will organize an attractive discount for you, and the service of our partner SkiSet network will help you match the equipment to skills, expectations and & #8230; prices. Coming in the Alps you can not forget only & #8230; good mood.

More information

Equipment rental

What to bring to the trip

The Alps are not overflows & #8230;

You can't go without good humor. But you also have to remember many other things so that nothing will spoil your attitude.

You should take:

- ID card or passport to get there & #8230; go home (unless you stay? 😉)
- first aid kit, because you never know & #8211; gauze, plaster and painkillers will be useful
& #8211; creams! And lipstick. In the mountains, the sun tans with Bargiel's strength, so sunscreen and after sunbathing will be useful, remember to moisturize your mouth (beer moistens the lips well, but only from the inside!)
& #8211; camera. No kidding, you will want to show these views for a month on your friends. All you need is a functional smartphone, but of course the action camera is the best.
& #8211; bedding. Why pay for it? Bedding does not take up much space in the bag. It is best for the pillow to smell like mum if you miss it sk
& #8211; cloth. For washing dishes (liquid will also be useful), for wiping the table (did you know that alcohol is the most spilled liquid in the world?)
& #8211; toilet paper, garbage bags, dishwasher tablets
& #8211; goggles on the slope. Okay, in Wisła you went without, but here this trick will not pass
& #8211; helmet. That you would come back whole!
– dobrze też mieć dwie pary butów na przebranie – gdyby przemokły, to w jednych pójdziesz po zakupy, w drugich na imprezę!

How to choose skis?

Key to success

Choosing the right skis is a key issue. And if you choose the best ones that you will love and plan a future with them, soon there will be many more necessary pairs in your collection. Checked info!

What skis?

The first question: are they supposed to be recreational / learning skis or are you an advanced rider who wants something more from the equipment? E.g. park skis, off-piste, or hard and razor-sharp that will allow you to develop amazing speeds?

Rent or buy?

One option is to rent skis on site, e.g. at SkiSets popular in France at a discount with SNOWEE. Rental staff will help you choose the best pair of skis. And if you want to own your skis because your tops are your tops, then & #8230;

Step by step

1. It's best to start by buying used equipment. However, remember that the skis have a thick edge (this decreases with every sharpening) and that the glide is in good condition (especially avoid holes near the edges!). Also remember that you will have to fasten your boots for skis, so make sure you have good bindings.

2. Choose skis, taking into account your real skills and intentions & #8211; will you rather ride on gentle blue routes and enjoy your eyes with the views, do you want speed and adrenaline?

3. If you're a beginner, it's best to choose all-round skis that should reach the chin. If you're a heavier player, they can be a little longer. Generally not higher than you.

4. If you are an intermediate player, think about slalom skis or skis from another fairy tale & #8211; all-mountain. The length of the former should be similar to all-round skis, while all-mountain skis should be higher than you & #8211; up to approx. 5 cm.

All-mountain allows you to enjoy riding on unprepared routes (e.g. after a whole day of driving) and are suitable to go on them off route. They should also give you joy of riding on the prepared route & #8211; narrower models easily initiate edge entry.

All-mountain skis are generally a little wider (mm under the boot), softer and more forgiving than others. Newer models also have a rocker who lifts the ski beaks in deeper snow and allows fun after rain. Compared to classic skis, they are like a jeep at Formula 1. This is a great option for people who are planning to take care of freerides in the future.

5. Advanced skiers tend to know what they need. Wide shovels are added to their collection, in which they ride off the slopes, giant or downhill skis speeding at the speed of light.

How to choose a snowboard?

Where to start?

Starting the adventure with snowboarding we often have to choose & #8211; What snowboard should you choose? Below is a guide that will help you in choosing the right equipment.

The board is chosen according to the body weight, height as well as the style and terrain in which we intend to ride. In the early stages of learning, it is worth choosing a soft and shorter board than it results from the tables below. Such a board will forgive you many mistakes, it will be easier to drive and will still give you a lot of driving pleasure! Only after acquiring basic driving skills should we think in which specific direction we are going. So let's get to work:

Driving style

The boards are most often divided into Freeride, Freestyle, All Mountain and Boardercross.

If you have already chosen a specific riding style, the right type of board will be helpful in improving it. Let's remember, however, that all-mountain boards are usually good for amateur snowboarding in all conditions.

Board shape (bent)

Here we divide the boards into:

  • camber: typically a bent board; if we put the board on an even surface, its center protrudes from the ground
  • reverse camber (rocker): board bent like a banana; if we put the board on an even surface, its front and back protrude from the ground
  • mixed structures: combining both of the above

Board bending is often associated with the chosen riding style. For example, on rocker boards it is easier to ride in deep snow.

Center of gravity

  • Twintip: a symmetrical board with a center of gravity in the middle
  • Directional: asymmetrical board (e.g. setback, where the center of gravity is shifted to the back).

Types of board edges

  • Straight edge & #8211; the most popular, standard solution used in snowboards. The metal edge sharpened at the right angle ensures good grip on the slope and even on ice. This design is quite simple to maintain (maintaining proper edge sharpness).
  • Wavy edge (e.g. magnes-traction) & #8211; the wavy edge used by some manufacturers (e.g. Lib Tech, Gnu) ensures better grip on the slope and safer ride on ice. Riding on such a board is, however, more technically demanding. Such a board does not forgive mistakes! To illustrate the difference in the operation of the board in a straight and wavy edge, you can imagine a knife with a straight edge for cutting sausages and a knife with a bread cutting ball. The latter cuts in and holds much harder 🙂
  • No metal edge & #8211; there are such constructions! Most often used in boards intended only for riding in deep powder.

Type of attachment of bindings

When buying a board, we should also pay attention to the type of fastening of the bindings. In addition to the standard spacing of fixings, some manufacturers use spacing that allows you to attach to the board only dedicated bindings from the same company (e.g. Burton with EST system)

The width and shape of the board

  • The width of the board is selected according to the length of our foot. After plugging into the board, both the toes and heels should not protrude too much outside the snowboard.
  • There are boards of various shapes on the market, which depending on the skill of the rider allow for faster or deeper entry to the edge of the board.

Weight and height selection

Sample sizes & #8211; may change depending on the rider's experience.



Test first

Before buying a snowboard, we recommend renting equipment to check how we feel about it! On our trips you can test boards of reputable companies. Welcome!

Will there be equipment tests on trips?

Sure! You can find a list of our partners here: https://www.snowee.pl/poradnik/nasze-uslugi/testy-sprzetu/

Remember that the selected test equipment is available on selected trips.

Will there be snow?

It is very rare that there is no snow in the Alps in winter. It happened to us only during one trip in December. But it happened. At that time, we were taking participants to a higher center next to us, so calmly & #8211; every problem can be solved.

What are the trainings like?

The Snowee training program includes 12 hours of training in groups of 4 - 7 people. It is always 12 hours of training, but it is not always 2 hours a day - our instructors adapt the training program to your needs and requirements.

The Snowee training program is based on the training program of the Polish Ski Association (PZN) and the Association of Snowboard Instructors and Trainers (SITS). Our instructors adapt the training program to the skills and needs of students.

Snowee training takes place at three levels:
- basic level (for people who "take their first steps" on the snow)
- intermediate level (for people who have already been skiing)
- advanced level (for people who want to improve their technique)

How to sign up for training?

You can sign up for the training in the Reservation Panel. If you have less than 14 days to travel, you can only sign up for the training by phone through our hotline. You can also sign up for the training on site (ATTENTION! Only if places are available in the training groups!). There is an additional fee of PLN 50 / person for registering for on-site training.

How to sign up for optional trips?

Registration for optional trips takes place on site. Our staff will inform you what trips and attractions are available at a given trip.