The Swiss Zinal is comfort, not to say luxury. Swimming pool, sauna, hammam, well-prepared routes right outside the door, legendary freeride areas, and even ... underfloor heating. What more could you want?

Imagine waking up in the morning & #8230; in the Alps, but something is different than usual. The bedding is softer, and when you put your bare feet on the floor, you realize that underfloor heating works flawlessly. The smell of freshly ground coffee attracts you to the living room, so you sit on the couch with a cup in your hand and soak up the whole view of the highest alpine peaks in front of you: Matterhorn, Anniviers, Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn and Dent Blanche.

You go out for baguettes and fresh croissants. The town is small and extremely charming. Several shops, bars and restaurants, some guesthouses and private houses, all low-rise and architecturally consistent.

Skiing in Zinal is also neighboring Grimentz

After breakfast, you go out to the slope, which is actually on the threshold of the residence. You spend the first half of the day on the slopes of Zinal, red routes predominate here, however they are wide and well prepared, and the views are breathtaking. There is no crowd. The Swiss sometimes call Val d & #8217; Anniviers a secret valley and indeed it is a region not very popular among foreigners & #8211; as many as 70% visitors of the valley are Swiss.

In the afternoon you decide that you will get to Grimentz, until recently a separate resort, and from 2013 connected by a gondola, which will take you in 7 minutes to the resort next door. You can also take the black Chamois route from Zinal to Grimentz. The Grimentz-Zinal ski area has a total of 110 km of slopes.

Grimentz is the largest and oldest of the surrounding towns. The center of the village is well preserved, they are made of wooden log huts, and the oldest of them come from the 12th century. In the heart of the city stands the now closed public bread oven. Historic chalets are not rented to tourists & #8211; the oldest part of the village is reserved for local residents.

Ice wine. You have to try it!

Suddenly there is no one around, peace and quiet are striking, and you feel as if you moved several hundred years back. The door of one of the huts turns around and a smiling, elderly man stands in the doorway, who calls you with a friendly gesture. Together, you go down to a stone basement full of wooden barrels.

The man pours you straight from the vin du glacier barrel. Ice wine is a local specialty. It is never bottled, and every year the right amount of young wine is added to the residue in the barrels. In this way, wine is mixed with older vintages. The barrel you drink from has been filled in this way for 125 years.

You come back to the slope because you want to check what Grimentz has to offer. You find here a lot of blue and red routes, but also a few very demanding black ones. The routes are not only very varied in terms of terrain, but also have different exposures, which allows you to choose the snow that suits you best (I like the slopes with southern exposure the most, due to the fact that the snow is soft and the slope bathed in the sun) .

Too many lines, not enough riders!

You are also booking a free avalanche training at Mammut Avalanche Training Center tomorrow morning. After training, you plan to explore Gardes de Bordon, a freeride mecca - 100 hectares of natural white powder. Local guides joke that there is too much space for fresh lines and not enough riders.

You spend the evening in a SPA residence. You have a swimming pool, sauna and hammam at your disposal. Relaxed, you go to bed in your spacious, modern apartment and think that this is exactly what "skiing holidays in Switzerland" should look like. You are thinking how to stay here forever!

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We're not saying how it is in resorts is the title of our series, thanks to which you will get to know our completely subjective view of the centers on offer. In addition to the fact that we are organizers of trips, we love the Alps, have fun (we do not like to be bored!) And cool, nice places. We have prepared this cycle because we want you to know how it will be in place.

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