Zniżka grupowa - Snowee

Group discount

Group discount

Gather the group and get the following discounts for it:
two people - discount PLN 10 discount / person
three people - discount PLN 20 discount / person
four people - 30 PLN discount / person
from five people - a discount of PLN 50 / person
from ten people - a discount of PLN 70 / person
from fifteen people - a discount of PLN 80 / person
from twenty people - a discount of PLN 100 / person

How to get a group discount:
1. Wyślij nam maila na info@snowee.pl z Waszą nazwą grupy i osobami, które mają skorzystać ze zniżki – BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR A TRIP!
2. You will receive from us an email confirmation with a discount
3. From sending the e-mail you have 7 days for all people from the group to sign up for the trip. Then we will reduce the price by a group discount.

Remember to send a complete list of people from the group! It is not possible to add new people to the list sent!

Zniżka grupowa nie łączy się z pozostałymi promocjami (First Minute, Last Minute, zniżką klubu SNOWEE i innymi dostępnymi w ofercie)